Ch Cabochon Kerfuffle
Sire: Gr Ch Cabochon Ecky Thump
Dam: Gr Ch Cabochon Kamikazi
Whelped: 16th February 2007 
vWD Clear Type #3 black

Fuffle gained her title at 13 months of age and has been a consistant winner since her first show. She tragically died at 6.5 of a cancerous growth in her stomach.


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Gr Ch Cabochon Ecky Thump



 Aust/NZ/Phil Ch Sharinways Shadolans Cowboy (Canada)

Am Ch Aeolus Masterpiece
Can Ch Sharinways Hotchild Inthecity
Ch Cabochon Summa Breeze Gr Ch Cabochon Licorice Alsort 
Ch Cabochon at Lynnesdotcom


 Gr Ch Cabochon Kamikazi

Am Ch Winmars American Gigolo Dassin (USA) Am Ch Cambrias Cactus Cash 
Am Ch Winmar Lucky Rumor Pennylane
Ch Cabochon at Lynnesdotcom  Am Ch BJF the Comedy of Errors
Ch Cabochon Tchenaya



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